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Long-Term Care Insurance- Is It Worth the Hefty Cost?

The odds are that if you are approaching retirement, a question you keep asking yourself is how will you cover nursing home or home care expenses. Long-term care insurance helps you make sure that you can afford one of the largest expenses a retired person may face- without burdening your children or spending their inheritance when the time comes. Still, millions of Americans skip long-term care insurance because of the cost associated with the plans…

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The 1% Rule – Helping You Knock Your First Rental Property Deal Out of the Park

Something is alluring about the idea of investment real estate. The notion that you can build equity in a property while getting a steady monthly check delivered directly to your bank account without needing to do much work is a powerful one. While most landlords find that real estate is not quite a passive investment option, many agree that it is a highly lucrative asset class that features unique tax advantages.

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