Orchestrating Your Retirement Accounts

An orchestra is merely a collection of instruments, each creating a unique sound. It is only when a conductor leads them that they produce the beautiful music imagined by the composer. The same can be said about your retirement strategy.

Making the Transition to an Assisted Living

You’ve lived a robust life; you’ve been independent. But now you’re at a point in life when you need a little help. You need some assistance with living. So, you’re thinking of making a transition to assisted living, to a comfortable and affordable facility that will suit your needs and desires. But you’re a little nervous. You’re not sure how to do it. And you’re not sure where to go. This scenario may apply to a parent, a relative, or a friend. And you want to help. Here are five tips to get you moving and to ease the transition for yourself or for a love one…

Understanding the SECURE ACT: 4 Things You Need to Know

The SECURE Act (or “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act”) was passed at the end of 2019, with most provisions going into effect on January 1, 2020. It’s not often that such sweeping legislation is passed, and while it’s not a massive upheaval, the new rules are expected to cause changes to some retirement strategies. For others, new opportunities may be revealed…

Getting Goals Right

As we embark on a new decade, it’s
natural to wonder about what lies
ahead. A century ago, they called them
the “Roaring Twenties,” but what will
be the hallmark of this era? We can
be sure it will bring both challenges
and opportunities. The new year is a
great time to evaluate our goals, make
course corrections, and give ourselves
permission to dream big.

Navigating the 5 Financial Stages

As we go through life, we pass milestones that mark transitions into different phases of life. Financial transitions accompany these turning points. Our goals change and our priorities shift in response to these changing life needs.

Giving Back

Charity. It’s just a 3-syllable word, but it reaffirms the deeper side of the human heart: its innate desire to sacrifice for love’s sake, its selfless acts of improving the lives of others, and its humble expressions of caring and compassion. This is where life ought to begin.

5 Benefits of Creating a Trust to Manage Wealth

Trusts offer a way to leave a legacy, protecting assets while avoiding the costs of probate, as part of your estate planning. Probate is the method of estate administration upon the death of an individual where that individual’s estate and assets are delegated. This process can cost thousands of dollars and be time consuming. To avoid this and to ensure that your loved ones receive the maximum value from your estate and assets, you can set up a trust.

Downsizing Before Retirement

For those whom retirement is a long way off, it can represent a never-ending vacation, a time free of work and full of play. For others who are closer to retiring, their next chapter may represent an exciting season filled with new and meaningful contributions…

The Importance of Creating a Will

Creating your will can be a task you avoid as you are admitting to your eventual death. Having a will becomes a priority for many Americans after the age of 50, according to the AARP, but planning ahead is always advisable…

5 Serious Retirement Planning Questions You Need To Answer When You’re Age 50 Or Older

By answering these 5 questions you will be on your way to developing a plan for your retirement…