Craig Price | CFP®, CTFA, CEO

Investing for More

Ordinary people who commit their time and effort helping others frequently describe their efforts as ‘giving back.’ In this blog, I introduce you to everyday folks who are investing their time, skills, and money in their communities. Some of the needs they are addressing are,

No matter what their focus or cause, these dedicated folks inspire me with their passion for people in need, and strengthening our community.  From my vantage point as an investment professional, I have come to regard this vital volunteer work as a personal form of investing. Such work focuses on making gains for others like improving children’s health, or reducing homelessness.  It’s a broader understanding of investing that I’ve nicknamed, Investing for More. I hope you will join me in learning how people like you and your neighbors are making an impact by Investing for More.  Our upcoming social events will recognize local volunteers who are the backbone of non-profit organizations in our community.  Join us to celebrate this inspiring work at our next event!

Are you investing for more?

At Price Wealth Management, we love to be inspired! If you, or someone you know, is making a difference in the lives of others, we want to hear about it so we can share their story with all the good people who are Investing for More. Email us your story, or introduce us to someone you know at