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Helping A Spouse with Memory Decline

A couple married for over 55 years was worried because his wife’s memory was declining from Alzheimer’s disease. Since the husband was five years older, he wanted to assure financial oversight and income stability for his wife in case he predeceased her. He established an investment advisory relationship with our firm and introduced us to his adult children. Over several months, the relationship-building process helped his wife become comfortable with our team and gave the whole family confidence about making the best decisions for both his wife and the family’s future.

Guidance after Losing Your Spouse

A 75-year-old client lost her husband after a prolonged illness. She was uncomfortable due to the limited experience she had managing their $4 million portfolio. Over 6 months, we guided her through the distribution of her husband’s estate, worked with her attorney to implement the terms of her husband’s trust, and adjusted her portfolio to reflect her lower risk tolerance and higher income requirement. Over the last twenty years, we have helped over 50 widows and widowers through the transition which follows the loss of a spouse.
  • In case of long-term illness
  • In case of memory changes
  • Health care strategies with an RN
  • Locating bill pay service providers
  • Partnering with trust service providers
  • Referrals for personal care services