Practice Areas


A "Community Dividend" Philosophy

  • We practice Corporate Giving
  • We reinvest in our community with money and donated time
  • We advocate for family philanthropy

How we can help?

At Price Wealth Management, we believe non-profit organizations are the cornerstone of every community. Due to the value that non-profits provide to people and worthy causes, we believe that non-profits warrant preferential pricing when paying for financial services. In general, we find that non-profits pay similar advisory fee rates as private clients. Price Wealth Management intends to be a ‘disrupter’ by offering advisory services to non-profits at a fee rate significantly more competitive than private client advisory fee levels. This pricing strategy will promote healthy competition among financial service providers and will benefit all non-profit organizations with lower advisory costs.

Investment Management Services Offered

  • Discretionary Management
  • Asset Allocation Review
  • Income Stream Analysis
  • Portfolio Fee Analysis
  • Coordination With Consultants
  • Investment Policy Construction/Review